The Fémmena gold company was born, with the brand *1147AR, under the name of “Creazioni 2A”, and at that time it was a silver gifts and fancy goods laboratory who made collector’s items of scrupulous and popular manufacture.


The company was acquired by Angiolino Boncompagni( the current owner and general manager), who decided for a radical turning point in the production, choosing a different type of product and manufacturing: THE HOLLOW JEWELLERY. 

1996_2 1996_1


Boncompagni gave life to a particular collection where GOLD and STONES contributed to the extraordinary success of Fémmena. A glamour collection, where the concept “simplicity as provocation” was clearly express by “the fish which starts to travel round the world”. 

2005 (2) 2005 (1)


Riding the wave of the evolution of this Brand, Creazioni 2A was renewed and decided to surprise again turning the brand into a company!!                                                                                                                 Fémmena was born and its products have been going on to draw inspiration from the WOMAN as “Fémmena”. The woman of yesterday and today who has an important role in everyday life.

2008 (1) 2008 (3) 2008 (2)


Fémmena achieved an important goal: 25 years of activity!                                                                               From this point FÉMMENA always sets new goals planning and realizing elegant handcrafted collections of very light jewellery of great impact, keeping on to ride the evolution of its brand and its concept that continue to cause a sensation………….

2016 (2) 2016 (1)


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