FEM|ME|NA was born in 1991 by the name “Creazioni 2A” on the initiative of the present manager Angiolino Boncompagni, who decided, when he was young, to devote himself to the creation of jewels, drawing inspiration from his taste and interest for the fashion world. For  this reason, today, Fémmena is synonymous of elegance and innovation, but also respect for the tradition. Thanks to this binomial, Boncompagni has succeeded in bringing his production up to high quality levels, creating ultra-light products of great impact which have been known and appreciated all over the world for over 20 years.


Fémmena is a synergy of people made up of owners, employees, workers and freelancers who try to create valuable and long lasting high quality products, offering flexible services and the continuous research of a profitable collaboration with suppliers and clients. The main target is to respect tradition, trying to excel in innovation and creativity, respecting individual capabilities and everything that surrounds us. About that, being aware that the gold distribution can be connected to unpleasant and blameworthy injustices, we pledge ourselves to buy all the raw materials from suppliers who guarantee us that the gold provided come from places where men’s dignity and environment’s safeguard are respected


quality reached thanks to a constant research of cutting-edge  technologies but also paying attention to the formation of a young and motivated  staff and also thanks to the collaboration with experienced craftsmen.


CERTAINTY of having  a product made by FÉMMENA, starting from the design, going through the working out in order to arrive at the production, seeking always inspiration from the classic  taste reinterpreting it in a modern and trendy style. And the possibility for the client to have always a perfect and personalized service.




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